Spinal Cord Injury Claims

A spinal cord injury can result from various types of accidents and injuries. The scope and severity of spinal cord injury symptoms can vary widely, from sheer pain to paralysis and incontinence. They are characterized as having no effect on a patient (i.e. “incomplete)”, or  “complete” in connection with injuries where the victim loses sensation or voluntary motor movement on either side of the body below the level of the injury.

Damages awarded in Kentucky for spinal cord injury claims are often significant. Monetary rewards include past medical care, as well as any required future medical treatment, along with physical therapy or rehabilitation, together with loss earnings. Compensation for emotional trauma and pain and suffering may also be awarded.

Often injuries to the spine and in the neck area will affect the cervical vertebrae. Injury to the nerves at the fifth cervical vertebra is called a C-5 injury, whereas injuries below the neck are identified as T-1 (for the thoracic vertebrae). Then there are lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Neck injuries can lead to paralysis of all limbs (quadriplegia) while thoracic injuries can cause paralysis to the lower limbs only (paraplegia

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