What is a parenting coordinator?

By Mitch Charney

In many situations involving a high degree of conflict, a Family Court judge will recognize the need to appoint a professional with a mental health, social work, or sociology background to assist parents with issues regarding their children.

In some families, the conflict between parents is so great that they are not able to see the forest for the trees, not recognizing the negative, damaging effect their behavior has on their children. As a parenting coordinator, I meet with the parties, try to separate and identify the issues, and work with the parties in the hope that they recognize that getting even and trying to “win” at all costs is not the way to co-parent and raise health children.

One of my primary goals as a parenting coordinator is to make the parties understand that children are stuck with who they have as parents. It is important for parents to be able to set aside their differences and use their energies as parents in a positive and constructive manner.