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Medical Negligence

Our Medical Malpractice lawyers have extensive experience in medical negligence law and have had great success in this complicated field of litigation with settlements and verdicts totaling millions of dollars.  We help our clients determine the vital question of whether or not negligence has occurred, consulting with nationally recognized medical experts who assist in this very important determination. Determining whether or not there is a case costs the client nothing and representation is performed on a contingency basis.

Our Medical Malpractice lawyers have experience in a vast array of medical, nursing, dental, chiropractic, nursing home, and pharmaceutical cases. Our lawyers have handled cases involving birth injuries, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, failure to foresee and prevent heart attacks, infection cases, surgical negligence and prescription errors, just to name a few. Our Medical Negligence lawyers stand ready to speak with you to determine whether or not you have a case.

The Goldberg Simpson Medical Malpractice Practice Area provides a full range of services in Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Shelby, Franklin, Fayette, Warren, Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Gallatin, Owen, Henry, Scott, Anderson, Woodford, Spencer, and many other counties in Kentucky.

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Defective Medical Products – Drugs & Medical Devices

Millions of people use a variety of medical devices every year with the belief that such products are safe, with little risk of adverse consequences to their health and allowing them to lead quality lives.  The same is true with respect to prescription medications a consumer receives from their physician.  There is the assumption by the consumer the drug has been properly tested and is safe.  Unfortunately, just because a drug is safe does not mean it is harmless as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration defines “safe” as merely meaning the benefits of the drug outweigh the risks for the target population.  Furthermore, both drugs and medical devices may be defective, and can leave their users at the risk for developing a variety of serious injuries and long-term health problems.

Defective drugs include those whose potential risks exceed the presumed benefits to the user, or alternatively, fail to provide adequate warnings to physicians and consumers regarding the risks of use of those drugs.  As for medical devices, they may be defective due to design defects, manufacturing defects, or the fact that the product is inherently dangerous and the benefits of use of the product are outweighed by the risks presented by the product.  The reasons such products nevertheless make it to market are complex and wide-ranging ,from sheer greed on the part of companies who do not disclose adverse events associated with the drug or device, to public pressure for miracle cures, to bureaucratic incompetence.  All of these reasons result in defective drugs and devices finding their way into the bodies of consumers.

Potentially liable parties include the manufacturer of the product, as well as physicians and pharmacists.  In particular, physicians may be liable for off-label use of drug and devices, which although legal may nevertheless, be negligent.  Furthermore, physicians have a legal duty to explain to their patients the dangers a particular drug or device may present through such off-label use. A pharmacist’s negligence could be the result of filling the wrong prescription, misreading the prescription, incorrect dosage, or incorrect instructions to the consumer.

Serious injuries and sometimes death can result from defective medical products.  If you or someone you know has sustained injury or death as a result of these products, the medical malpractice attorneys of Goldberg Simpson may be able to hold liable those persons or businesses responsible for that injury or death.  Of course, the individual is ultimately responsible for whatever goes into their body, and a consumer has a certain duty to educate themselves regarding medical treatment and devices. Nevertheless, even the most informed consumer can fall victim to a defective drug or medical device.  The attorneys at Goldberg Simpson have extensive experience in bringing claims against manufacturers, physicians, and pharmacists who negligently perform their duties to provide safe and effective drugs and products to medical patients.

Discussing your case with an attorney who is experienced in the field of defective medical products ensures a thorough evaluation of your case, and if warranted, will help you or your loved ones receive appropriate compensation for any injuries or death resulting from the use of such products. In recent years, Goldberg Simpson’s attorneys have handled cases involving Vioxx®, Zimmer total knee replacements, Accutane®, DePuy hip replacements, and certain defibrillators.  Furthermore, the attorneys of Goldberg Simpson have contacts nationwide with other law firms that practice in the area of “mass torts” with whom they can coordinate their efforts to provide effective legal representation to their clients as warranted.

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