Mediation helps families in litigated cases

Mediation is an opportunity for parties to resolve disputes without unnecessary litigation. In Jefferson County Family Court, mediation is generally required prior to the courts hearing matters in dispute. This is especially true regarding custody and parenting time disagreements.

Most cases settle prior to a trial. Judges and attorneys know this, and accordingly, find value in parties attempting to negotiate a reasonable resolution prior to having a judge make a decision. The mediation process provides the parties an opportunity to reach a resolution in a manner that avoids the financial and emotional costs associated with litigation. Furthermore, when cases are settled at mediation, the courts have found that the settlements generally last longer before review by the courts is necessary.

Mediation is a confidential, informal, and voluntary process. The mediator has no power to force any party to settle a dispute. Instead, the mediator’s role is to open the lines of communication between adverse parties and seek common ground upon which the parties can agree. Compromise is often necessary to reach an agreement. However, a mediated settlement generally provides the best resolution for the family.

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