GS Family Law team wins at Court of Appeals

Goldberg Simpson lawyers Mitch Charney and Stephanie Morgan-White prevailed today in another case before the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Allison Russell also provided integral work on the case.

In L.L.R. v. W.C. (rendered Mar. 1, 2013, and designated “Not To Be Published”), the GS Family Law team successfully defended a Jefferson Family Court judgment terminating the appellant’s parental rights and granting a petition for adoption. The firm’s clients are the child’s paternal grandparents; the appellant is the child’s biological mother. The appellant argued before the Court of Appeals that she had received ineffective assistance of counsel due to her attorney’s failure to timely file a witness list, and the trial court’s resulting exclusion of certain witnesses favorable to the appellant. The Court of Appeals panel, however, turned aside the challenge to the judgment, finding that the appellant was not denied a fair trial, an opportunity to be heard, or due process.

Congratulations to Mitch, Stephanie, and Allison. Job well done!