GS attorneys are here for you during the holidays

By Ja Nae Martin

As a professional in the legal field, I have grown accustomed to the changing seasons, school terms, and holidays, and what exactly they mean for my workload.

As the holidays quickly approach, time for family gatherings, lots of food, and joyous events unfortunately sometimes may become clouded with worries and fears of litigation and domestic law issues. However, here at Goldberg Simpson, we want you to know that your attorney and legal support team are here for you!

We are aware of the common issues that arise during the holiday season, including  changes in schedules, school vacation times, holiday visitation schedules that differ from regular parenting time schedules, and increased spending by parties, which may create debt and financial concerns. 

Whether you have important questions regarding modifications and schedule changes, need clarification on issues that are vital to you and your family during this holiday season, or simply need extra copies of important agreements, orders, rulings, or pleadings, we are all here to assist you

We are devoted to serving our clients. We are available when your family is in need. Whether it means being available by phone or e-mail over the weekend or evening hours, or scheduling your meeting at the best time to fit your schedule while the children are on school vacation, your team at Goldberg Simpson is here for you.

At Goldberg Simpson, client satisfaction is imperative and we want our clients to have the best possible experience. 

While you’re out doing your shopping, be sure to check off “peace of mind” on your list because, as a client of Goldberg Simpson, that is exactly what you get!

Happy Holidays from your Goldberg Simpson Family Law Team!

Ja Nae Martin is a Paralegal with the Goldberg Simpson Family Law Team.  Ms. Martin is a Graduate of the University of Louisville.  She can be reached by email at