GS attorney co-authors brief in U.S. Supreme Court defending First Amendment rights

Congress has adopted sweeping legislation that purports to cut off virtually all means by which tobacco companies can communicate with potential customers and the public at large. With the assistance of GS litigation attorney Aaron Silletto, the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) this week filed a brief in the Supreme Court in the case of American Snuff Co. v. United States(12-521), urging it to review the Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act and ultimately strike it down on First Amendment grounds. As summarized in this WLF Press Release, WLF’s brief argued that the ban violates the First Amendment rights of tobacco companies to speak truthfully and the First Amendment rights of consumers to hear such speech. WLF also noted that the federal appeals courts are split regarding whether Congress’s graphic warning requirement – which requires manufacturers to display gruesome pictures on product labels – is constitutionally permissible.