Private Adoption in Kentucky

Private Adoption

Goldberg Simpson attorneys have experience in dealing with all aspects of private adoption.  They are available to assist prospective adoptive parents seeking adoption opportunities as well as to assist biological parents seeking to place their child for adoption.  The attorneys also have litigation experience in the rare situations where those involved in the private adoption process have encountered problems.

Private adoption – an adoption without the intervention of a licensed adoption agency — continues to gain ground as an alternative to locating children available for adoption through the State or a charitable or religious organization. Private adoption allows biological parents to have input into the selection of the prospective adoptive parents, so that they are able to enter into an adoption plan that they consider to be best for the child’s future well-being as well as their own.  This process provides comfort to the biological parents who are attempting to integrate their child into a new family.

Private adoptions also provide the opportunity for a complete recording of pertinent medical histories, the potential for completing the adoption within a reasonable period of time and the security that comes with competent legal counseling and guidance.

Competent legal representation is critical in the private adoption process, as strict compliance with statutes is required. Each state that permits private adoptions has statutes that provide waiting periods for the completion of the private adoption.  These statutes are designed to give the biological parent(s) sufficient time to make a final decision.

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