Child Custody

Child Custody in Kentucky

Where are your children going to spend the majority of their time? How are important decisions going to be made about your child’s education, health care, or religious upbringing? What does it mean to have legal or physical custody? And what is in the best interest of your child?

The answers to these questions could have critical implications for the well-being of your child or  children. In fact, custody and parenting issues are the primary focus of most parents who seek a family law representation. The attorneys at Goldberg Simpson recognize this.  Our zeal and creativity can improve difficult situations for all parties, and most importantly, for our clients’ children.

Under Kentucky law, custody matters are determined by the children’s “best interests.” Because the definition is not always clear or precise, and because physical and legal custody are of paramount importance, it is essential to bring such matters to an experienced professional. At times, it may even be in the best interest of the child to have an attorney engaged to advocate on his behalf, or to have input solicited from a custodial evaluator or therapist.

To lawyers and family court judges, custody means “legal custody”.  It is defined as the ability to make major life decisions for the child or children.  The issues impacted by legal custody include (but aren’t limited to) academic decisions, religious upbringing, elective medical care and health insurance.  In most situations, parents share joint legal custody; however, it is not appropriate in all cases.  For example, in cases of domestic violence, mental illness or high conflict situations, there is a need for sole legal custody to minimize the emotional and other trauma for the family. Goldberg Simpson lawyers recognize this and are prepared to help clients through the process.  The goal is a personalized schedule tailored to a family’s unique needs.

Goldberg Simpson lawyers strive to gain results through mediation or alternative dispute resolution rather than standing before a family court judge. However, should a case need to be litigated, your Goldberg Simpson attorney will represent your interests vigorously.

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