Monthly Archives: January 2013

Do I Have a Valid Employment Claim?

By Jan M. West Our labor and employment group fields many calls each week from potential clients who want to know whether or not they have a potential employment claim against their employer or former employer. The first question I ask each potential client is whether or not their employment has been terminated or other […]

Case update: Yeager v. Dickerson and attorney regulation by HIPAA

By John H. Helmers, Jr. The Kentucky Court of Appeals issued an opinion this morning relating to HIPAA disclosures and attorneys. The case is Yeager v. Dickerson. The Court held that disclosures of medical information during a custody trial is not a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and therefore, a lawsuit against the […]

Case update: Hughes v. Hughes and parentage by estoppel

By John H. Helmers, Jr. On January 4, the Court of Appeals of Kentucky rendered a 2-1 opinion in the case of Hughes v. Hughes. It is the Kentucky courts’ latest foray into what has been an ongoing string of cases involving disputed parentage. In this case, the state’s second-highest court ordered the Appellant, Anthony Hughes, to pay child […]